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Edubird simplifies the process to study in the UK & Europe. Our consultants will help you to choose the best programme for you. From selecting the best secondary schools, universities, language courses or merely an exciting summer camp! We match you with the right programme and create an International Study Journey Map for free!

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Secondary Schools

In the UK, secondary schools can provide a unique insight into international education. You can study at the boarding school or secondary school of your choice and increase your chances of being accepted into the best Universities worldwide.

Pathway Programmes

These popular programmes are for students that have not had their secondary education in the UK or Europe and want to gain access to the top Universities. Pathway programmes are available in the UK & Europe and provide for a variety of Universities worldwide. Some students believe it is the best facilitator onto their dream programme.


There is a variety of Undergraduate degrees available in the UK & Europe, and we provide you with the varied options for the degree most suitable for your career needs. Education in the UK & Europe is usually 3-4 years.


This programme is for students that have already completed an undergraduate. There are many different options for post-graduate programmes. Some students also choose to do a two-year career change; this is becoming a lot more popular.

Language Schools

These language schools are for students wanting to improve their language in the UK & Europe. They can range from one week to a year.

Other Courses

There is a variety of different courses that students can undertake during their free time from school or work. There are short-courses available for children and adults of all ages. These can include: summer camps, winter camps, nutrition courses, coaching courses, coding courses, online courses and a lot more courses.

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