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Why Edubird?

We do all the hard work for you

We ensure each application is a quality one, where the student is making an informed choice with their consultant. The selection will also involve the student meeting your entry requirements and familiar with the fees.

We cut the application process time

Our platform is designed to make the student recruitment process more manageable, and the consultant's process more straightforward.

We limit your uncertainty and marketing costs

We ensure that your time is focused on better improving the education side of things while we do the marketing.  You will have access to a pool of international students so that you save time on things that matter! We analyse your institution and its trends and provide a specific plan to increase your global student intake.

We diversify your student intake to all your programmes

Ensure you have students from all over the globe and stay diversified; it matters to every modern institution.

How do we promote you?

We create a strategy for you and ensure your institution recruits international students. All our consultants will be trained to learn about your institution's unique advantages knowing how to select the right students. We make a plan with you and ensure students are always up to date with the latest programmes you have on offer!

Our Platform - Your profile

We make sure you have an interactive profile on our platform that contains all the necessary information that explains your institution and courses easily. Your profile will provide all the essential information to ensure the recruitment process is easy.