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Are you passionate, motivated, driven and excited to provide quality advice to students?

We enable consultants to easily access a variety of valued Education providers through a platform that automates the student recruitment process through unique customer experience. We choose our consultants carefully and train them to provide quality guidance to students.

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What will you gain with Edubird?

  • Use the platform to gain access to all partnerships
  • Use the platform to maximise choices for your students
  • Be up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Be part of the Edubird Global Community
  • No need to meet a minimum target of students
  • The best prices for your students
  • Gain access to up-to-date training programmes
  • Referral scheme to grow your team
Find the right course for your student

With Edubird, you can create an International Study Journey map for your student by planning their educational journey. Choose a few courses for your student and work on the right selection for them.

Select chosen course for student, Fill application Form, Pay Course Fees

Select one course out of the options and apply for the selected route. Submit the application and the fees.

Edubird processes application

We check the application one more time and then send it to the school to get the letter of confirmation of studies.

Confirmation of studies

We ensure a high chance of acceptance onto the course and then send all the course documents to you from the institution.

Student visa application

Once the course documents are available, you can make the visa application.

Get paid by Edubird

Your student will be enrolled on their course. You will then receive your commission for your hard work from the provider. Edubird ensures you get paid on time.